December Monthly Matching Theme: Production

Celebrating Tradition. Embracing Transformation.

This art form has a long history and a bright future. The past 20 years have seen developments in staging techniques of traditional works, and a surge of new and innovative works emerging from every corner of the opera world.

Our productions constitute 50% of our 2022 company budget. Across Canada, the average opera production budget is covered only 30% by ticket sales.


Help us bring the stage to life.

We hire ~50 professional artists and technical crew to stage our productions annually: meeting our fundraising goals gets Opera Kelowna 30% of the way to meeting our annual production costs.


December Monthly Matching Champions:

Maria Correia, Gayle Lunn & Allan Neilson

Three of our board members have stepped up to be our first champions this year. Here’s what they have to say:

The primary duty of the Opera Kelowna Society board is to preserve and support Opera Kelowna’s financial and artistic health. In doing so, the organization can continue producing high quality performances, attracting top talent and illuminating the stories from past and present that need to be heard.

The Opera Kelowna Society is made up of local residents and leaders who support the value of the arts and artistic storytelling, inside and outside the Okanagan. Comprised of professionals, business owners and scholars, each member brings their talent and time to support the vision and goals of Opera Kelowna.

We thought it especially appropriate that this group of individuals take the lead as our monthly community champions to launch this first month of our matching campaign.

We as OKS board members will be proud to match up to $5000 in donations received by the public during the month of December.

Isaiah Bell performs in The Book of My Shames.


Maria Correia


   Gayle Lunn

Allan Neilson_headshot

Allan Neilson