Opera Kelowna brings safe-distance singing to our elders’ residences during COVID-19 distancing.

We are no longer performing Sidewalk Serenades for 2020.  We will be running them again in summer 2021 pending sponsorship.

How can an opera company support the community during this unprecedented  time? Like everyone, there is so much that we don’t know, so we decided to focus on what we do know.  

  • We know that music can heal the spirit, especially in a time of worry.  
  • We know that music can help people feel connected in a time of loneliness.  
  • We know that listening to a beautiful singer, especially live, can bring solace and comfort in a time of despair. 

We thought about who might be in the most need of connection and solace, and we thought of the particular vulnerability of our seniors — many of whom are unable to connect digitally — and how we might be able to bring live singing to those who are most in isolation while still observing the safety of physical distancing, and Sidewalk Serenades was born.

This program is over for the year, but we will possibly be picking it up again in summer 2021.

Please stay safe through these challenging times, and please reach out to us.  We look forward to the time that we may all safely gather once again as a group to enjoy the live music that Opera Kelowna loves to present.

 What’s a Sidewalk Serenade?

Opera Kelowna balances our investment in musical care with maintaining strict observance of safety protocols set out by the BC Ministry of Health.

  1. We work directly with each residence we visit. Together, we plan specifically for each residence to keep a safe distance in specific outdoor locations near windows of residents’ rooms.
  2. We have a maximum of two singers in any one   location: they offer short performances, and all   performers are briefed on safety protocols.
  3. In order to maintain our commitment to health and safety, we will not disclose the location of a Sidewalk Serenade before it happens; however, we will share these interactions after the fact and hope to spread the hope, joy and healing of music to our wider community.

Thank you to our amazing cast and chorus members who are volunteering their time and talents to make Sidewalk Serenades possible.

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

Opera Kelowna is a non-profit society made possible by these generous sponsors. Please view our support page if you would like to learn more about how you can help support the Arts in our community.